St Anthony
    Catholic Church

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Cemetery Information

The purpose of this page is to periodically update information on the St. Anthony cemetery development.

During the first week in June 2018, we worked on cleaning up the phase 1 cemetery area after the winter.  The initial signs were intended to be temporary and were showing the need to be replaced.  We are in the process of obtaining more permanent, professional looking signs.  Last Summer into the Fall, we cut some oaks and cedars that were in the proposed burial plot area and circle drive.  These needed to be cut during site preparation before construction.  We had left several scattered wood piles. These needed to be moved and located to a single area away from the construction while remaining easily accessible.  In addition, the signs and wood piles made mowing more difficult.  

We removed the deteriorating signs and moved the wood to a single location.  The following pictures show the cemetery area after this cleanup work was done.

Cedar Wood Pile

Oak Wood Pile

Panorama View After Mowing Looking South To Burial Plots Area In Front Of Trees

The following picture shows the extent of the undeveloped St. Anthony Church property in the green area between the two red lines to the north and to the south. In-between the property extends from the cleared highway easement on the east and the housing development and buildings (including the church buildings and parking lot) on the west.

The cemetery that is outlined by the yellow line contains about nine acres.  The dash yellow line along the power line easement separates the phase one and phase two areas.

Aerial View of St. Anthony Church, Rectory, Education Center and Undeveloped Property

The aerial view shown below is a closeup of the planned cemetery area.

Closeup Aerial View of The Planned Cemetery Area

The following picture is a panorama view of the large clear area shown in the above aerial picture.  The water tower is out of the picture to the left.  The top of a very large tree in the background to the left is a white oak.  It is described in more detail by selecting the bottom button titled; Our Cemetery Trees.

Panorama View of The Phase One Development Area

This area, surrounded by large cedars, will be the focal point for the Phase one development.  The Phase one development is shown in more detail in the following design plan.

St. Anthony Cemetery Design Plan 

The above cemetery plan contains two phases:

Phase 1 area consists of:

1. A circular drive with parking between the columbarium area and the in-ground burial plots.

2. One initial columbarium with a walkway to it.

3. Room for columbarium expansion.

4. In-ground burial plots (100) that include an infant section.

Phase 2 area (south of the power line easement) consists of:

1. A road leading to the area with a circular drive.

2. In-ground burial plots.

The following figure shows the columbarium style we will be ordering.

Romanesque Style Columbarium Example

 Our columbarium will have a four foot cross on top.  The niche fronts will be Mesabi black and smooth with etched lettering.

Additional information about our cemetery can be found in more detail by selecting the following links.