St Anthony
    Catholic Church

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Altar Linens/Acolyte's Albs Launderer

Altar Linens Launderer

Altar linens require special care and reverence when they are laundered. Those who wash and iron our altar linens participate in an important ministry. 

Our altar linens are laundered every week, and each volunteer is responsible for the laundry about every four to six weeks. 

If you are interested in assisting with this ministry, there are written instructions on how to handle the linens with reverence. There are also helpful hints on how to remove stains.

Contact: Janice Clopp 573-280-6730

Acolytes’ Albs Launderer

The servers' albs are laundered as needed. If you would like to help wash and iron these albs, please call our contact person.

Contact: Nancy VonGunten 573-346-2159