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Catholics Returning Home

Catholics Returning Home is a program designed to help inactive Catholics return to a full participation in the Catholic Church. We meet to share our stories, answer questions, clear up misunderstandings and to review the Sacraments, the Creed, and the Mass.

Have you drifted away from the Church? Do you feel unable to receive the Eucharist due to marriage issues? Our friendly, informal setting is the place to begin resolving those issues that keep you from returning home to your Catholic Church.

Contact: Joyce Robins 573-317-0121

Ten reasons people come back to the Church

10. Because they want meaning in life. In the rush of everyday living, has your life lost a sense of meaning?

9. Because childhood memories surface. Has the secular world led you away from the simplicity of faith? 

8. Because they made mistakes. Are you burdened with the weight of past mistakes? 

7. Because they need to forgive others. Do you need God’s help in order to forgive others? 

6. Because they want to be healed. Do you carry deep spiritual wounds that are stopping you from getting on with your life?

5. Because the Catholic Church has the fullness of truth and grace. Are you seeking the "Truth"? 

4. Because they want their children to have a faith foundation. Do you need help instilling moral Christian values in the lives of your children in this secular world? 

3. Because they want to be part of a faith community. Are you looking to join others as you walk toward union with God?


2. Because they want to help other people. Are you searching for tangible ways to "love your neighbor as yourself"? 

1. Because they hunger for the Eucharist. Is God calling you back with a hunger that can only be satisfied in the presence of Christ in the Eucharist? 


If any of these reasons touch your heart, please call about our Catholics Returning Home Program.

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Your St. Anthony Faith Community would love to have you back home.