St Anthony
    Catholic Church

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Saint Anthony Catholic Cemetery

Cemetery Board
President:    Sam Beckman
Secretary:    Bill Pauls
Treasurer:   Brian Schuster
Member:     Daryl Cunningham
Member:     Bonnie Arntz
Member:     Carolyn Dickerson


On Wednesday, March 27, 2019, the columbarium was delivered and set on our cement pad in the center of our walkway.  The picture show below was taken on May 24, 2019 after a temporary cross in the center of the cemetery was replaced by a larger cross from the original St. Anthony church in Camdenton.  This cross was used for many years in front of our church during Lent.

One side of the columbarium is wider than the other side.  The view in the above picture shows one of the wide sides containing twenty four (24) double niches each for a total of forty eight (48) niches.   A double niche can only contain two urns.  The opposite side, along the road is identical.

The two narrower adjacent sides contain fourteen (14) single niches each for a total of twenty eight (28) niches.  A single niche can contain only one urn. Therefore, a single columbarium can hold a total of one hundred and twenty four (124) urns or niches (spaces).

The following figures show the numbering sequence on all four sides.  The numbers begin with number 1 in the upper left corner on the south side double niches and end at number 24 in the lower right.  The next side will be single niches on the east side beginning with the next sequential number 25 in the upper left and ending with number 38 at the bottom right.  The numbering sequence continues to the next adjacent side on the north following the same pattern and finally the west side.

Double Niche

South Side

Single Niche

East Side

Double Niche

North Side

Single Niche

West Side

Columbarium Niche Number Identification

Reservation Name List

Double Niche South Side

Number & Name

1 - Arntz

4 - Martin

5 - Kitterman

6 - Karl

9 - Peters

12 - Haines

13 - Schuster (Brian & Angie)

Single Niche East Side

Number & Name

25 - Lemmer

27 - Riley

28 - Norton

30 - Norton

33 - Murphy

36 - Foreman

37 - Webb

Double Niche North Side

Number & Name

55 - Brooks

Single Niche West Side

Number & Name


South Side

East Side

North Side

West Side

Columbarium Inurnment Showing Names on Face Plates

Burial Plots

We have one-hundred full-sized burial plots and the thirty five smaller infant plots that are half the size.  There are four rows of twenty-five plots each, resulting in the one-hundred plots.  The 5 x 10 ft. plots are wider than most cemetery plots.  The 8 ft. wide space between the two double rows is a service alley.

The following figure shows the one hundred numbered burial plots.

Numbered Burial Plots

Reservation Name List

Plot Numbers 1-25

1 & 2 - Messer

Plot Numbers 26-50


Plot Numbers 51-75

58 - Beckman

59 - Rothweiler

Plot Numbers 76-100

80 & 81 - Rogers

82 & 83 - Johnson

84 - Schuster

85 & 86 - Boillot

88 - Kearney

90 & 91 - Pauls

92 & 93 - Beckman

99 & 100 - Moore

Infant Area

The infant area is between the regular 100 plots and the entrance road.

This area is shown in more detail in the following figure.  There are twenty-five 5x5 ft. numbered plots that have subdivided into four 2.5x2.5 ft. plots, labeled A, B, C, & D.  There are a total of 100 plots.  A 5x10 ft. space, centered in the back of the infant area has been identified for a memorial feature. 

Additional information about our cemetery can be found by selecting the following links.