St Anthony
    Catholic Church

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Saint Anthony Catholic Cemetery

The following image was taken from a drone on November 2, 2018.  You can clearly see the circle drive.  Features have been annotated on the image.

Drone Image Taken November 2, 2018

Our Columbarium

We have selected the columbarium style below.  It will have a flat, smooth, Mesabi black faceplate with etched lettering on front of the niches.  There will be no raised lettering or decorative attachments such as flower holders on the faceplates.  As funds become available, there will be a nearby memorial garden.

Romanesque Style Columbarium Example

As you can see from the above photos, one side of the columbarium is wider than the other side in the above picture.  The two sides that are not seen in the picture are just like these two sides.  The wider sides contain twenty four (24) double niches each for a total of forty eight (48) double niches.   A double niche can only contain two urns.  

The two narrow sides contain fourteen (14) single niches each for a total of twenty eight (28) niches.  A single niche can contain only one urn. Therefore, a single columbarium can hold a total of one hundred and twenty four (124) urns or niches (spaces).

The following figures show the numbering sequence that will be used on all four sides.  The numbers will begin with number 1 in the upper left corner on the south side double niches and end at number 24 in the lower right.  The next side will be single niches on the east side beginning with the next sequential number 25 in the upper left and ending with number 38 at the bottom right.  The numbering sequence continues to the next adjacent side on the north following the same pattern and finally the west side.

South Side

East Side

North Side

West Side

Columbarium Niche Identification

The figure on the right may be helpful in visualizing how the columbarium is constructed.

The purpose of this figure is to show you the size and layout of the niches looking down from the top.

The double niches are twice the size of the single niches.  A single niche will contain only one urn.  A double niche, being twice the size as a single niche will hold two urns.

The double niches will face the north and south.  the single niches will face the east and west.

Our Burial Plots

The following figure shows the layout of the 100 burial plots.  There will be 4 rows of 25 plots each, resulting in 100 total plots.  The plots will be a little wider than most cemetery plots.  Ours will be 5 ft wide by 10 ft long.  There will be a sidewalk (shown in yellow) between the plots and parking.  A 20 ft. wide entrance road (allowing for two way traffic) will merge into a 12 ft. wide one-way circle drive on the west end of the parking (by the cedars in the drawing).  The large circle drive to the west and north of the cemetery (not shown) is located just below the parking area in the diagram.  Additional parking will be provided as our cemetery expands.

Burial Plot Layout and Numbering

The diagram on the right shows the layout of the infant plots.

Each plot will be 5 ft x 5 ft resulting in 35 total plots.

There will be 7 rows with a grass covered equipment access between row 3 and row 4.

There will be room for some landscaping between the entrance road and infant plots.

As funds become available, a sidewalk (shown in yellow) will separate the parking lot and the first row of plots.

Infant Plot Layout

Additional information about our cemetery can be found by selecting the following links.