St Anthony
    Catholic Church

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Saint Anthony Catholic Cemetery

Capital Campaign

Start up funds are needed for our new cemetery.  Your donation and /or your pledge of a donation, will be most appreciated.  Initial funding estimates are below:

Our Columbarium

We have selected the columbarium style below.  It will have a flat, smooth, Mesabi black faceplate with etched lettering on front of the niches.  There will be no raised lettering or decorative attachments such as flower holders on the faceplates.  There will be a nearby memorial garden.

Romanesque Style Columbarium Example

As you can see from the above photos, the front and back of the columbarium is wider than the two sides.  The front and back of the columbarium contain twenty four (24) double niches each for a total of forty eight (48) double niches.   A double niche can only contain two urns.  

The two sides contain fourteen (14) single niches each for a total of twenty eight (28) niches.  A single niche can contain only one urn. Therefore, a single columbarium can hold a total of one hundred and twenty four (124) urns or niches (spaces).

The following figures show the numbering sequence that will be used on all four sides.  Side A will face the south toward the center of the cemetery.  Side B will face the west.  Side C will face the north just off the circle road.  Side D will face the east.

Columbarium Niche Identification

Our Burial Plots

The following figure shows the layout of the 100 burial plots.  There will be 4 rows of 25 plots each.  The plots will be a little wider than most cemetery plots.  Ours will be 5 ft wide by 10 ft long.  There will be a sidewalk (not shown) between the plots and parking.  A 20 ft. wide entrance road (allowing for two way traffic) will merge into a 12 ft. wide one-way circle drive on the east end of the parking (left in drawing).  The large circle drive to the rest of the cemetery (not shown) is located above (north) the parking area.  Additional parking will be provided as our cemetery expands.

Burial Plot Layout Planning Diagram

The diagram on the right shows the layout of the infant plots.

Each plot will be 5 ft x 5 ft resulting in 35 total plots.

There will be 7 rows with an equipment access between row 3 and row 4.

There will be room for some landscaping in the triangular areas on the east (left in drawing) by the entrance road.

The entrance road will be just off the slanted line in the drawing.

Not shown, is a possible sidewalk along the area of the slanted line in the drawing.

Infant Plot Layout

Surveyor Staked Areas

The following two pictures show the surveyor stakes marking the boundary of the first burial plot area on the left and the first columbarium location on the right in the Phase 1 cemetery plan.

Staked burial plot boundaries

Staked Columbarium site 

In the picture shown above on the left, the two stakes mark the east side of the first row of plots near the entrance road.  The stakes in the background mark the center and far west side of the burial plot rows.

In the picture shown above on the right, the cross in the distant right part of the picture marks the center of the circle drive.  The stake in the foreground marks the center of the circle drive that curves to the left and right.  The four stakes between the road and cross mark the columbarium location.  The four trees in the distant left could be developed into a small park.  The circle drive will go between these four oak trees and the big cedars in the background.  You might be able to see the red stake marking the center of the circle drive in front of the big cedar on the far right.

In the following two pictures, the picture on the right is looking north along the east side of the cemetery.  The stakes mark the road that will curve to the left between a possible oak tree park on the left and and cedars on the right.  The road will curve in front of the big oak that is partially hidden in the upper left of the picture.

The picture on the left shows the stakes marking the road on the south side of the cemetery.  The parking lot will be just beyond the cedar that is partially seen on the right edge of the picture.

Stakes marking south part of circle road

by burial plots

Stakes marking east part of circle road

Site Cleanup

During the first week in June 2018, we worked on cleaning up the phase 1 cemetery area after the winter.  The initial signs were intended to be temporary and were showing the need to be replaced.  They were removed.

In the Summer and Fall of 2017, volunteers cut small oak and cedar trees that were in the proposed burial plot area and circle drive in preparation for site construction.   This resulted in several scattered wood and brush piles. In the Spring of 2018, the wood piles were combined and relocated to a single area. 

These single cedar and oak wood piles are shown below.  The cedar pile was advertised and sold.

Cedar wood pile

Oak wood pile

The following two pictures show the brush piles that were later burned during and after a rain.

Initial brush piles that have since been removed

The following picture, taken in May, 2018, after the Spring cleanup, is looking south across the cemetery toward the burial plot area located in front of the trees.

View looking south across the cemetery after Spring cleanup and first mowing

Additional information about our cemetery can be found by selecting the following links.