St Anthony
    Catholic Church

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Clergy and Staff

Parish Staff:

Pastor:  Rev. Daniel Vacca
Deacon: Stan Buczko
Deacon: Dick Von Gunten (retired)
Director of Faith Formation: Mildred “Pud” Webb
Administrative Assistant: Christi Garcia
Music Director: Barb Rogers
Parish Secretary:  Rene Magelky
Bookkeeper: Diann Jacobs
Facility Manager:  Brady Lansford

Financial Committee: 

Mike McGrath
Tom Otto
Tracy Peters
Parish Council:

The Parish Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Pastor, and utilizes the many and varied gifts of the laity in service to St. Anthony Church to carry out the mission of Christ.


Daryl Cunningham
Carol Elliott
Rhonda Franken
Ben Gerke
Patty Messer
Terry McLane (President)
Bill Pauls
Tracy Peters
Cheryl Schuster