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A Cursillo weekend is an encounter with Christ. If you are looking for more in your faith life; if you want to know how to live out your baptismal calling; if you are looking for a life-long method to carry you through on your journey – Cursillo may be for you!

Cursillo (pronounced KER SEE O) is a three day learning and sharing experience in what it truly means to live as a Christian. The word “Cursillo” is Spanish and means “a short course”. Its goal is that Christ be the prime influence in society by developing in adult Christians a consciousness of their mission to become leaders in the work of Christian renewal.

Cursillo is a work of the Catholic Church. It is approved by our Pope and Bishops. It has the same apostolic purpose as the Church, in that it seeks to bring others closer to Christ.

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Contact: Barb Rogers 573-552-6174