St Anthony
    Catholic Church

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Initial Property Visitation

Bill Pauls and Sam Beckman walked across the St. Anthony property in back of the Church, Rectory and Ed. Center extending to the highway and toward the north.  The purpose was to observe the land formations and type of vegetation growing throughout the area and relate these areas to a recent soil type survey to identify those areas suitable for a cemetery.  In addition, the amount and quality of timber was observed and initial discussions were made of potential future land use such as nature trails or other uses. 

The following pictures were taken along the route Bill and Sam took from just south of the power line easement south through the woods toward the Ed. Center, then east to the highway, and north along the highway easement across the flat area at the top of the hill.  They continued north exploring the remainder of St. Anthony property.

The following two pictures show part of the rather flat area south of the power line to the edge of the highway easement.  This area has an old pond that could be restored to something like a reflection pool with the surrounding area containing a place for in-ground burial plots.  Since there are not that many large trees in this area, it would not be that difficult to prepare the area for burial plots.

The following four pictures show the adjacent area to the south of the pond area that would be suitable for in-ground burial plots.  This could be a beautiful area for a small park with selected big oaks and cedars.

The cedar tree in the above picture to the left is near the highway easement looking westward toward the church.  The picture on the right shows the top part of the hill that slopes downward to the south.

Sam and Bill then decided to look at the remaining St. Anthony property to the south that is downhill toward the east from the lower level parking lot and the Ed. Center.  The picture below on the left shows the area looking downhill from near the edge of the potential cemetery area.  

The following two pictures look down into the valley to the east of the Ed. Center and parking lot.  This area would make an excellent place for a nature trail with benches and markers pointing out land and vegetation features.  This entire area will definitely have a different look when the leaves are out on the trees.

The following two pictures show a well marked survey marker that is several hundred yards downhill from the Ed. Center

The above picture is looking from the area of the survey marker down through the valley toward the highway.  This will likely be a beautiful area when the leaves are on the trees.  There is not much under growth.

The picture on the right is a view looking up the hill toward the Ed. Center which is barely visible on the horizon.

The picture below and the one to the right of it shows an example of vegetation features that could be pointed out on a trail.

Sam and Bill walked up the hill toward the north, near the edge of the highway cut, past the power line to a flat clear area near the water tower.  We thought this area would be suitable for a columbarium and a parking lot.

The pictures shown below depicts another area that could be used for expansion of an in-ground burial site.

Sam and Bill decided to investigate the St. Anthony property extending to the north.  The following two pictures show a more populated area of trees from the top of the ridge down the hill toward the first valley where the trees thinned.  The trees varied in diameter with many looking like nice straight oak.  We wondered if there was potential harvest value to some trees which would help pay for development of the land. 

The below picture on the left shows the first ravine with interesting features along one side.  This looks like a potential area to have a nature trail.  This view is looking to the east toward the highway.  The trails could be laid out and constructed in segments by volunteers and the Boy Scouts?  The picture on the right is looking in the opposite direction to the west toward the back side of the housing area on North Business Hwy. 5 on the curve north (to the right upon exiting) of the church.

Continuing on to the north there was another smaller ravine that extended down from the housing area shown in the picture below on the left.  A little farther downhill was a spring that is shown in the lower right picture.  Some land features like these on this northern St. Anthony property could be places for trail bridges and bump outs with benches for reflection and viewing.

The pictures shown below depict the last small ravine and a flatter area toward the end of the property.

As you can see from these pictures, this property owned by St. Anthony, adjoining our existing Church facilities has enormous potential to turn it into a place that everyone can enjoy.