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My Own Church - Help & Tips

Your parish relies on accurate parishioner and sacramental records for all your ministries. The My Own Church software package is specifically designed for Catholic parishes. It keeps track of every family, parishioner, and sacramental detail using the only browser-based system specifically designed for Catholic parishes.

This web page will help guide you through the many features in the My Own Church software package.  These features include; Login, family and individual records, your offering and online giving, PSR registration, your schedules, your ministries, and actions taken on change requests.

Login into My Own Church.

1. In your web browser, enter the URL for ConnectNow.

The ConnectNow Welcome page is displayed:

Do one of the following:

1. If you are a new user, you must create a new account.

2. If you have a user name and password, type them in the "Username" and "Password" fields. Then, select "Login".

After you log in to your account, your personal Home page is displayed as shown below.  The annotated figure shows the main components.

Main Tabs.

You can access the main areas of the My Own Church interface by selecting any one of these tabs:

●       Home: Returns you to the Home page.

●       My Family: Allows you access to your family records and member records.

●       My Offering: Allows you access to your giving history records. 

●       My Ministry: Allows you access to your ministry records, including your schedules, scheduling preferences, and manage

                                  schedule exceptions and event exceptions. You can also volunteer for a ministry.

These main tabs will be described in more detail below.

The red arrow in the above picture points to the Help feature which is an online resource providing information and instructions on how to use My Own Church to perform a particular task.

When you move your cursor over Help, you will see three options; "My Own Church Help", "Help with the page" and About.  Selecting "My Own Church Help" will open a page with a side bar.  By default, this sidebar opens showing topics under Contents and About My Own Church since that is the first topic in the list. 

The topics can be expanded by selecting the topic in the list.  This opens the small blue colored book on the far left as shown in the figure on the right.

In addition to displaying the Contents in the sidebar, you can view an Index or Search for a topic.


Here is what the My Family Home page looks like:

Our parish, St. Anthony, Camdenton is indicated in the upper right with your user name, in this case, beneath the red line.  The only item under Quick Links is My Family.

My Family.

View and Update Your Family Record.

The tab, Family Details, shows the current information in a family record.  The figure below displays an example of family information contained in Family Details.  The record is in read-only mode.

It is important to keep the information in your family record current. You can update your record if information has changed since you first created your profile.  To update your record, switch to edit mode by selecting the Edit Details button at the bottom of the window.

Note: Your changes are not immediately applied to your record. They are held in suspend mode pending review and approval by your church administrator.  The paragraph at the end of this page describes, in more detail, this suspend mode called Suspend Activity on your Home page.

The system maintains a log of every change request you make to your record. You can access this log to view your change history and activity.

View and Update A Family Member's Record.

1. Select the My Family tab.

2. Select Family Detail. 
3. Select the family member.

Each family member has a tab containing his or her details.  In the example show below, there are three family members.  The name Robert was selected from the Member Details list.

If you want to update a family member record:

1. Select the tab for the member whose details you want to update.  The record is in read-only mode.

2. Select the Edit Details button at the bottom of the window to switch to edit mode.

3. Perform any of the following:

a. Add or delete the member's photo.

b. Update the member's personal information on the form.

4. When done, do one of the following:

a. Select the Save button to save your changes and keep your family record open. The record is displayed again in read-only mode.

b. Select Save & Close to save your changes and close your family record. 

c. Select Cancel to discard your changes and exit your family record without saving them

d. Select Close to exit.

Religious Education.

The next tab to the right of My Family is Religious Education.  Here is where you can register a family member for a PSR class.  The figure below shows the steps to register.  Here at St. Anthony the only term option is the 2016-2017 PSR class.  You will need to add your student(s) information.

My Offering.

Selecting this tab will display two tab options; Online Giving and Giving History as shown in the below figure. 
Online Giving.

Selecting this tab will take you to the Online Giving web site.  There is additional information to help you with Online Giving.

Giving History.

If you want to know how much you have given to your church in a given year or when you made your last gift and how much it was, you can find out by looking at your giving history.

Key elements of the Giving History page are identified in the below figure.  This information includes both the gifts from your envelops and the gifts given via Online Giving.

Note:  If you are only using the Online Giving portal and not envelopes, there is a delay in updating the records on this page because the data are periodically transferred manually from the Online Giving portal to My Own Church. 

My Ministry.

The My Ministry page connects you to the ministries you and your family are actively involved in. The page has four main tabs enabling you to access specific information concerning your ministries.

Schedules:  Shows your ministry schedule and the schedule for each of your family members.

Minister Preferences: Shows the serving preference settings for the ministries associated with you and your family.

Family Ministries: Shows a list of ministries associated with you and members of your family.

Ministry Opportunities: Displays a list of ministries in the St. Anthony parish that have volunteer opportunities.


The Schedules page provides an at-a-glance view of your schedule and your family's ministry schedules.  

Key elements of the page are identified in the figure shown below.

When you first display the Schedules page, a calendar is displayed showing the first listed family member's schedule. The Show Schedule icons let you quickly switch the schedule view to either all family members or to the first listed member's schedule.

More detailed information about the contents of the schedules page can be found in the table of contents on the far left under My Ministry.

Minister Preferences.

The Minister Preferences page shows the ministries associated with your family and individual family members. 

Key elements in the page are identified in the following figure. 

The Family Preferences tab provides a snapshot view of your family's ministry involvement. You can see the name of each ministry group and each event that your family volunteered for within a ministry group.


The current scheduling preference for each ministry is shown in the Preference column. By default, the scheduling preference is set to No Preference. You can easily change a preference setting.

Family Ministries.

This page provides an at-a-glance view of ministries belonging to you and your family members.

Ministry Opportunities. 

This page provides a central location for you to view all of the volunteer opportunities available at St. Anthony.

Suspense Activity.

The My Own Church software package keeps track of all changes you make to your record on the Suspense Activity page. This topic shows you how to view details associated with your requests, including who reviewed the request and the final action taken.

1. Select the Home tab to view your personal Home page as shown in the following figure.

2. Under Suspense Activity, select the View Activity link.

The My Suspense Activity page is displayed showing a history of all of the change requests you or a family member made to your record.  

Note. All changes you make to your record are automatically sent to a church administrator for review.   To view the administrative action taken on a particular change request, select  View Notes. The Suspense Notes window opens to show you the type of change requested and if the change was approved or denied.