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Online Giving Features

Download the pdf version of the Online Giving brochure.

Here are some annotated images to help you learn more about the Online Giving features:

Your Scheduled Active Giving

Under "My Online Giving Home" page, select"My Active Online Giving" to obtain a page that will look similar to that shown on the left.

As the name implies, this is a very important page that shows your scheduled active giving that will be deducted from your account at future dates.  You will receive an email reminder of any upcoming gifts you have scheduled (usually a day or two before the funds will be deducted from your account).

Scroll down to see an example.

You can cancel or suspend any active gift that is listed on this page by selecting the pencil to the right of the gift.  Additional information about the History feature will be shown in one of the images shown below.

Giving a Gift

You have the choice to select:

1. One Time gifts on specific dates.

Examples are:

Diocesan Mission Collection

Christmas is Sharing

Easter Flowers

2. Recurring gifts which can be:





Twice a Year


Examples of monthly gifts are:



Lamb House

Select the One Time option to see the image displayed on the left.

1. Enter an amount i.e. 10 or 15 (no period).

2. Select a date from the calendar.

3. Select one of your accounts you have setup previously under "My Payment Methods" when you created your Online Giving account.  Most people only use one bank account, but, you can certainly use different accounts for specific gifts.

4. If you select the blue letter i on the far left of each gift, you will see a popup window showing information about that specific gift like in the following figure for Communications & Education.

This gift, which is collected on Pentecost Sunday, supports Catholic University & U. S. Bishops Media Programs.

View Your Giving History

From your Online Giving Main Page, under "Manage My Account", select "My Online Giving History" to see a listing showing the total amount you have given for each gift.

You can also print this report for your records.  This printed report is very useful for Income Tax purposes.

When you select "View", you will see a popup window like the following figure in this example for the Catholic Home Missions Appeal.

This was a One Time payment showing the:

Payment Method



Confirmation Number


After you select "Submit" when setting up either a Recurring or One Time gift, you will automatically receive an email confirmation for each virtual check order you have setup.

An example is shown in the figure on the right.

You will receive an email reminder of any upcoming gifts you have scheduled (usually a day or two before the funds will be deducted from your account).

An example is shown in the figure to the right.

On the day of the scheduled transaction, you will receive an email confirmation that the scheduled amount to be deducted from your account was submitted to your financial institution.

An example is shown in the figure on the right.