St Anthony
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Planned Giving

“For we brought nothing into the world,

 just as we shall not be able to take anything out of it.”

 1 Timothy 6:7

How will your treasure be divided when you travel home to meet Our Father? Have you considered returning a portion of your estate to the One from whom it came?

“Planned Giving” refers to making a gift now, while retaining an interest in the donated property, or for arranging for a gift that the charity will receive in the future or at the donor’s death. This type of tax-wise giving, or charitable estate planning may take several forms. Among the most common are:

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Life Insurance

Charitable Gift Annunity

Donations intended to honor someone.

Simply leaving certain assets, such as cash, property, or stock to the parish after your passing.

By designating St. Anthony Parish as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy you can make a significant gift for a relatively low cost.

This is an arrangement under which you make a contribution to the parish and receive, in return, guaranteed annuity payments for life. It is a way of giving that allows you to make a significant gift that benefits you now and the parish later.