St Anthony
    Catholic Church

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South Property Area

Sam Beckman investigated the south St. Anthony property line to see if any landmarks could be identified.  This area is identified as the 12.5 acres in the figure shown below.  He started at the east end of the Ed. Center and headed down the ravine to try and find the intersection of the south property line with the Lake Area Industries property and the adjacent 1.37 acres.

After crossing the ravine, a red streamer was noticed on a tree and on a stake in the ground.  On closer inspection, a pin was identified near the stake as shown in the following pictures.  This is apparently the intersection point of the three properties.

He then decided to use the compass on his phone and follow an east/west direction toward the highway 5 bypass to see if any other features could be used to identified the property line.

After a short distance, he noticed a steel post with some woven hog-tied wire and a strand of barbed wire.  A little farther east another post was seen; then another.  According to the compass the posts were aligned east/west toward the far corner of the Lake Rd. 5-92 overpass and the power sub-station.

On the way back toward the Ed.Center, Sam noticed a white post with some blue streamers.  Upon closer inspection it was identified as a MODOT Right of Way.  This marker was quite a distance into the St. Anthony property likely because of the highway work that was done to route the water from the gully along the side of the highway to under the highway.