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“As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another;

as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” 

1 Peter 4:10

Being a follower of Jesus Christ commits us to a life of good and faithful stewardship. Stewardship is about being grateful for the many gifts we have received from God. The tradition of giving back to God and to the Church comes from the Biblical practice of “tithing”, which means to gratefully give back a tenth of our earnings to God.

But stewardship is about more than giving money. It includes the responsible use of our Time, our Talent and our Treasure.


Our time on this earth is precious and cannot be stored up like grain in a barn. We are on a pilgrimage toward heaven and to progress we must give some time to God.

  • Daily prayer will help us develop a close personal relationship with God. We can share our successes and failures and ask His guidance in our daily lives.
  • Reading Scripture daily helps us reflect on God’s word and assures us of God’s great love for us.
  • Assisting others; sharing our personal time, gives glory to God. We show our love for Christ as we serve our neighbor.

Your gift of time is unique; you are the only one who can give it.


All of us have special talents or gifts, given to us, not just for our own use, but to enrich the lives of others. Christ depends upon us to care for others. The Church invites us to practice the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy.  Start with these:

  • Visit the sick & elderly
  • Feed the hungry
  • Teach those who want to learn
  • Console the lonely & sorrowful
  • Pray for others

Your gift of talent reflects the special gifts & graces God has given to you.


What makes a person wealthy? Jesus often teaches about the good use of financial and material resources. He illustrates the negative impact of hoarding and being weighed down by money. 

The parable of the talents shows that we are to make good use of the material gifts given to us by God; to do nothing with them is wrong. When we are generous with our material possessions, we show our gratitude to God for His many gifts.

  • The biblical principle of tithing, of offering at least 10 percent of one’s treasure to God, helps us use our money in a way that puts God first. It is a sign of our love and trust in God.
  • Our generosity should include the support of our Church and a sharing with those in need; family, community, diocese and world.

Your gift of treasure shows your gratitude to God. 

St. Francis reminds us “It is in giving that we receive”.